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langer & raabenstein

the trombonist uwe langer and me raabenstein met in 2005. coming from diverse point of musical views, l&r assembled and enriched their sonic knowledge in several studio sessions together with experienced musicians from the berlin jazz and club scene.

three years later they now release "sourpuss", a full length artist album of fine and self-contained craft. a product of several eventful studio sessions, "sourpuss" moves between soft jazz elements and electronica, smothly underlined with free improvisations. the woven spoken poetry passages complete the album, fulfilling its flowery atmospheres with a deep and voluptuous skill.

langer & raabenstein offer a laid-back mix of varying musical stages, composed with an individual and far-ranging ambience and a mature character.

the album 'sourpuss' is released on nonine recordings.

langer & raabenstein


non033. me raabenstein. r non029. nine (digital label compilation) non023. the silent amps (digital label compilation) non009. langer & raabenstein. sourpuss (digital artist album) non010. what the butcher recommends might well not be of our concern... (digital label compilation)


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