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non009. langer & raabenstein. sourpuss (digital artist album)

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non009. langer & raabenstein. sourpuss (digital artist album)

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artist: langer & raabenstein
title: sourpuss
cat. no. non009
format: digital artist album
release date: march 25, 2008
distributed by nonine recordings

01 smack
02 66 angel field
03 subpoena
04 feud & far between
05 muscadine
06 sourpuss
07 visceral response
08 chocolate city
09 bowman’s last words
10 maudlin burp
11 smoke in the attic (introducing) up yours
12 bill bee
13 listless limpness
14 rousham park hero
15 hyperparasitoir (including) deckard
16 the owl part i, ii, iii & iv

all tracks written by uwe langer & me raabenstein, produced by me raabenstein
mixed by me, mastered by frederik van de moortel, brussels

langer & raabenstein are

uwe langer, trombone, euphonium, flutes, shells & bowls
me raabenstein, keyboards & programming & lyrics

guest musicians
maxi jahn, spoken poetry
paul kleber, double bass (micatone)
volker meitz, keyboards (meitz)
achim treu, guitar (künstlertreu, der plan)
andreas koslik, guitar (sieg der liebe)
thomas wydler, drums (nick cave and the bad seeds)
kerstin kaernbach, violin (17 hippies)
paul brody, trumpet (john zorn)
andreas hierholzer flute, (the!she.)
jörg miegel, tenor- & barritonsaxophone (mutashabubu)
eric hopf, accordion (the!she., gently inspired by mette)
fréderic van de moortel, doublebass & soundscapes (sakuran)


langer & raabenstein and their album "sourpuss"

wake up each night from the dream called day and splash your face with a shimmying cocktail as the coives of jazz apear in the most phantom-like form and dance with the ghost which normally haunt you.

langer & raabenstein break the windows and shave the hair or conventional jazz with a new tradition of scrub-lectro-funk.

l & r's clever mix of me raabensteins mellow bottoms and uwe langer's whimsicle tops make up this album, to keep your mental cap untwisted for eighty minutes. and at the end for a moment you will see why mad men cackle and twitch, the witty spoken word of maxi jahn mixes gracefully with a jazz sauced sound scape, traping you in an urban jungle. it leaves you flopped on your belly with an owl eyed scanning grin, waiting for the next drug-yum course licking your sugar laced lips.

langer and raabenstein obviously have some kind of fun we all want to have, skipping madly secretly in they're own world of cakd tossing riffs, wicked over-sexed commas; a universe all theyre own. enjoy the chunky brass fruit shakes uwe serves up for you and the air me gives you to breath.

the trombonist uwe langer and me raabenstein met in 2005. coming from diverse point of musical views, l&r assembled and enriched their sonic knowledge in several studio sessions together with experienced musicians from the berlin jazz and club scene. three years later they now release "sourpuss", a full length artist album of fine and self-contained craft.

a product of several eventful studio sessions, "sourpuss" moves between soft jazz elements and electronica, smothly underlined with free improvisations. the woven spoken poetry passages complete the album, fulfilling its flowery atmospheres with a deep and voluptuous skill.

langer & raabenstein offer a laid-back mix of varying musical stages, composed with an individual and far-ranging ambience and a mature character.


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