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non029. nine (digital label compilation)

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non029. nine (digital label compilation)

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artist: various
title: nine non029
format: digital label compilation
release date: december 24, 2010
distributed by nonine recordings

01 the! she. 01
02 lagerfeltz. riendsaar
03 david minor. oilbo
04 me & mrs bee. one'o'one
05 patron and patron. gen
06 langer & raabenstein. muscadine
07 slowcream. in the cave
08 kaisen. p.u.r.r.rification
09 pepper and bones. bar nun

produced and mixed by me raabenstein.
mastered by shapemod, berlin.

nine years of nonine recordings coming to you with nine tracks.
what more to say, let the audience speak...



the berlin based nonine label has developed a distinctive style, focusing on spacious, dub-drenched techno which sacrifices danceability for off-the-cuff eccentricity and delights in disorienting the listener.
the wire, uk

nine, number nine, number nine. one can’t stray from numerology when it comes to this german imprint celebrating nine years of musical experimentation and art. a reformation of electro-acoustic tentacles is now available on their latest 'nine' compilation, featuring music that expands consciousness and revealing a whirlwind of kinetic magnetism. what me raabenstein (label operator) has produced is all of the above and much more…

dressed to the nines and offering nine tracks (conveniently enough), this free digital download is nothing short of decadent, upfront and classical in construction; it’s a layer magma that flows, scrapes and chars all that surrounds it. time shifts gradually and with a certain unpredictable behavior, steering from one direction to the next as the landscape changes elevation. mixing sonic voids of metallic noise with leftfield samples, the obscure silence buried deep in the core of this compilation is somewhat unsettling and at the same time rather enjoyable. the silence comes from ambient distortions that are stretched to max capacity (ref. slowcream, pepper & bones), often reminiscent of extracts from amon tobin’s lost sound factory; slowcream offers an emotional behemoth of ambience with 'in the cave'. elsewhere we’re presented with interludes that expel the finest classical granules, developmental-jazz, digitized percussion and piano bursts (ref. langer & raabenstein, david minor, lagerfeltz). 'nine' is an engaging trip that melts its unclassifiable frequencies into a massive outflow of peculiar mind fields. a poetic angle of sound sculptors rearrange time for their audience to make sense of, and all the while, 'nine' signals the imprint’s finest in terms of sound and vision. the dense conglomeration of 'clicks and cuts' are more than mere morsels of software and hardware effects, instead, artists like me & mrs bee gravitate towards funkier dynamics and chilled rhythms while kaisen manipulates reversed tones and piano fragments with an aged exterior. the! she.’s opening contribution sprinkles lounge electrics and softened pitter-patter beats gravitating towards nonine’s abstract point-of-view yet somehow remains unique in its delivery.

nonine presents a three-fold summary of its dedicated mission; blurring the frayed edges of experimentation, creating a visually subtle appeal and ultimately expanding the confines of limitless direction. displaying history in only forty-four minutes is not an easy feat, in the case of 'nine', it’s the exception. this is nonine after all, you’re safe.
pietro de sacco, igloo magazine, usa

happy birthday!! nice strong compilation to celebrate with as well. i'm particularly liking the opening track by the! she. and will drop that on the radio show sometime soon..
james barrie, global souljah and bbe records radio show, spain

thanks, always great to get music from you guys!
matthew chicoine, recloose, new zealand

nonine is especially great for us…
jeannie hopper, liquid sound lounge, art on air radio, usa

i’m surprised by every nonine release, since they all span a broad range of musical genres,
making different things but all relevant and adventurous.
pedro figueiredo portela, o dominio des deuses, portugal

i like the pushing the envelope - aspect of 'nine' very much. not just another album of synth syrup...
corin arnold,, germany

alongside all the mp3 labels out there on the world wide web, berlin based nonine recordings
is slowly developing itself with one of the most interesting catalogues available, offering us a wide variety in upfront experimental electronica...
steffan de turck,, netherlands

thanks for all the great music !
cian o ciobhain, an taobh tuathail radio show, ireland

schöne compilation! nice work!!!
guido halfmann, musikwoche, germany

nice psycho ambient !!!
scheibosan, austria

het duitse digitale label nonine bestaat negen jaar. op het label verschijnen vreemde releases. avant-garde electronica meets jazz. of is dat juist al wat avant-garde electronica is? of noem je dat dan avant-garde jazz. hoe dan ook, al wat uit komt op het label kun je moeilijk doorsnee noemen. en toch houden ze het dus al negen jaar vol. mooi werk.

om dat te vieren geven ze een gratis digitale compilatie uit. overigens zijn bijna alle releases uitsluitend digitaal uitgekomen, maar gewoonlijk zijn die niet gratis op je computer op te slaan. deze compilatie wel. dat betekent dat je negen tracks van negen verschillende artiesten te pakken hebt. er zit weinig dansbaars bij, maar hey, als je in de tram of trein zit gaat dat sowieso wat lastig. hengel die gratis muziek maar binnen dus.
michael oudman, djbroadcast, the netherlands

quality ! really enjoy the albums...
simon harrison, basic soul radioshow, uk

nonine features a host of extremely interesting releases and a great selection of artists videos.
roger mills,, australia

i love this label...
nikki lucas, future fusion global warning radio show, uk

nonine is a quality trademark...
andrea ferraris, sodapop, italy

wieder eine sehr schöne zusammenstellung, gefällt mir gut. in meine nächste sendung auf radio z möchte ich auf jeden fall nochmals einige nonine tracks einbauen. an der stelle nochmals vielen dank für den grossartigen sound!
sven thomschke, dr. best, radio z, germany

exellent stuff !!!
predrak briek, terapija, croatia

congratulations for the good work you are doing for avantgarde music.
i love the innovative electronica that nonine creates and releases!... awesome!
enrique domenech, fusionova 021 radioshow, ibiza, spain

im inflationär wuchernden electronica-genre profiliert sich das berliner label
nonine recordings als relevant.
alfred pranzl,, austria

splendid music... i totally like the nonine trax! dirty, cool, groovy, infectious...
sven ranlund,, sweden

freu mich, dass ich hier bei nonine so feine sachen entdecke...
michael engelbrecht, klanghorizonte, deutschlandfunk, germany

a couple of excellent electrical nuggets of sound!
paul lloyd, igloo magazine, usa

nonine is one of the homes of avant-garde electronica.
james barrie, global souljah and bbe records radio show, spain

nonine works in the same area as 95 % of all online labels do – that kind of post-global, urban nomad, laptop working electro ambient / dub, that reflects the sounds of nighttime life from the four lane highways to the dark clubs and from the collective office space at midnight to wi fi enhanced restaurants with fusion cuisine. but – and that is important – their releases always go a long way further down a lesser trodden path, reflecting their own processes instead of being fascinated by their own surface, and confront the listener with awkward sonic situations underneath their pulsating layers of sound...
georg gartlgruber, cracked, austria

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