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pepper and bones

pepper and bones is the long time hidden devotion and secret love affair of bartholomäus & raabenstein, who appeared on the club turntables in the early 2000's with several releases worldwide on well respected labels such as om, stereo de luxe and outkaste. following franz kafka's aphorism "hiding places there are innumerable, escape is only one, but possibilities of escape, again, are as many as hiding places." we now end up on pepper and bones' colour palette with caliginous and gleaming sparkles of distinct and mordant sonic paintings.

uttermost broadness in the left ear, diminutive, tattered murmur in the right the listener pursues a commanding narration with roughly known completion, flaping from unerring cumulus' into abysmal vacuity, guarded by an inevitable blueprint of outside selfhood in blending classical instrumentation with au courant electronic rhythmic placement.

the album 'one' is released on nonine recordings.

pepper and bones


non041. me raabenstein. swimmin' with friends again non033. me raabenstein. r non029. nine (digital label compilation) non023. the silent amps (digital label compilation) non019. pepper and bones. one (digital artist album) non010. what the butcher recommends might well not be of our concern... (digital label compilation)


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