nonine recordings


sakuran (frederik van de moortel) is chaos, it is a puzzle, it is sakuran, an ensemble sometimes, a circus, it is a experience and pure love for music and visuals, a wide amplitude of musical analysis and collaborating partnerships.

frederik says "i have no idea what i am doing, but i keep meeting wonderfull people, so i just continue".

at times it is research, periodically an exercise in coincidense and basicaly luck, less an "operation in chance" but an "operation in furtunateness". sometimes it is simply the fun in programming impossible beats, letting his alligned friends struggle with it later, or just recording a single sound, voice or instrument as simple and honest possible. all in all it is the frank desire for character and identity in music... hurray.



non029. nine (digital label compilation) non023. the silent amps (digital label compilation) non015. patron and patron. gen (digital artist album) non010. what the butcher recommends might well not be of our concern... (digital label compilation)

taken from the nonine recordings compilation 'the silent amps'

released in 2009

(2011 16.9 version)


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