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dov waterman and me raabenstein with a
stunning ambientcloneclassical collaboration

dov’s relationship to the piano has been long and multi faceted. the piano for him has been a primary vehicle of expression. from performing and composing on the piano to a career as a professional piano tuner, dov lives and breathes the instrument on every level imaginable.

far from just being a pianist dov has mastered music and instruments from many different cultures. classical music, music of the middle east and eastern europe, alongside contemporary music production have all shaped his individual sound.

dov’s sensitivity and intuitive style have drawn the attention of a number of notable performers, composers and film makers and have led to a number of successful collaborations. he has performed and toured with bbc world music award winners momo, a group that has redefined the face of contemporary north african music. dov has also co- written and produced music with artists such as indie music award nominated naama hillman and fellow composer and bafta juror rhett brewer.

dov studied formally at the rubin academy in jerusalm and has lived and worked in london for the past decade. the culture clash of israel and the multi culturalism of london have both helped to define dov’s artistic sensibility.

the album 'the opportune moment' is released on nonine recordings.






non029. nine (digital label compilation) non024. kaisen. the opportune moment (digital artist album) non023. the silent amps (digital label compilation)

taken from the kaisen album 'the opportune moment'

released on nonine recordings in 2010

(2011 16:9 version)


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