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neubau, the vienna based arno steinacher, is a sound biologist for various reasons. his compositions are most of all based on, and dealing with architecture and behaviour of biological systems. neubau is as well fascinated by all sounds appearing without  compositional intentions and tries to capture them as a kind of hologram. creating artificial sonic woods and moores this way, he invites the listener to follow his recreational and exciting walk.

despite these delineative aspects, neubau's music shows all the waywardness and  unpredictability that might inhere living beings in general, providing stories of tension and  difference rather than harmony. with his creations you’ll get both: the cool breeze of science and the luscious, wide spectrum of emotions beyond.  

the album 'rymdmyr' is released on nonine recordings.



non013. neubau. rymdmyr (digital artist album)

taken from the neubau album 'rymdmyr'

released on nonine recordings in 2008

(2011 16:9 version)


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