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non044. rael. frame 7-9

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non044. rael. frame 7-9

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artist: rael
title: frame 7-9 non044
format: digital artist ep

release date: october 25, 2013

distributed by nonine recordings


01 monsoon
02 blue skirt joe
03 battle of awgh

all tracks written by david minor and me raabenstein.
produced and mixed by me raabenstein.
mastered by ju bartholomäus, berlin.
artwork by   

when the cat’s away, the mice will play...

‘frame 7-9’ completes rael’s frame trilogy with a triumvirate of pure hysteria. following six rather smooth, but cautiously claustrophobic blended, tracks on the preceding eps, the two producers behind rael,
david minor and me raabenstein, finally let loose to end it all in neuro-scientific, manic-musical trauma.

the men behind the controllers are not aware of any impending doomsday. the public and those in private need their musical relief - in situations such as: upcoming visits of the mother-in-law, shopping on a rainy saturday afternoon or the vestal preparation of your first bacon and potato omelet, anyway, clear the table and dance !!!ed and remastered to enlight your ears,
listen and have fun with these almost forgotten darlings, you will know why we keep talking about good things then...


great stuff !!!
cian o ciobhain, an taobh tuathail, ireland 10/13

find ich gut, ist freitag in meiner sendung...
sebastian hampf,, germany 10/13

great... as all the previous material you did release !!!
andrea ferraris, sodapop, italy 10/13

interessantes material... sauber !!!
michael ebert, the ebertbrothers, germany 10/13

the new rael ep is off the radar. i expect great sounds from nonine and time in time they always come through... i can't remember the last time i didn't enjoy a release, especially as the labels music has developed over the years... hard to choose just one favorite...
kerem gokmen, dubmission radio show, usa 10/13

schön ! spiel ich in meiner radioshow !!!
ingmar koch, liquid sky berlin, germany 10/13

thanks so much for another pearl :)
nuno loureiro, cision, portugal 10/13

monsoon ist stark !!!
ric colair,, germany 10/13

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