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non043. lagerfeltz. xaar

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non043. lagerfeltz. xaar

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artist: lagerfeltz
title: xaar non043
format: digital artist ep

release date: september 27, 2013

distributed by nonine recordings


01 ooseaar
02 uitaar
03 peeldoosjeaar

all tracks written by menno jager, ruben koster and me raabenstein.
produced and mixed by me raabenstein.
mastered by ju bartholomäus, berlin.
artwork by              

all good things have their time, sooner or later. in this case - it is later...

when the lagerfeltz debut ‘aar’ was in production back in 2010, the artists decided to rework three of the album’s tracks, creating sound interludes to grant a disclosed gain...
and named the outcome ‘aar#01, 02 and 03’. the euphoric feedback confirmed this decision, ‘aar’ was highly recommended by both press and audience.
soon after the release date discussions started what to do with the originals of these edits, but as life takes strange ways, it took exactly three years to conduct these gems on the way.
‘xaar’, delivers au courant electronica, cinematic drama and ...humour. the three tracks were carefully accomplished and remastered to enlight your ears,
listen and have fun with these almost forgotten darlings, you will know why we keep talking about good things then...


lagerfeltz is a side-project lead by founder and owner of nonine recordings (me raabenstein) with the contribution of two other electronic sound designers menno jager and ruben koster. this new digital release is said to be a re-written work based on three tracks already published on a previous album titled 'aar' and released on nonine in 2010. in itself this digital ep offers an imaginative soulful electronic jazzy-esque excursion through micro-tonal pulsating vibes and fluxuous waving tones. rather abstract but technically accessible, the musical trip confirms the electro semi-acoustic oscillating facet of me raabenstein’s music with some particular tense moments, neurotic grooves and hypno-ish rhythmical density. 'ooseaar' progressively rises at the calm-floating sounding surface to reach a complex climate of electronic maelstrom. 'uitaar' is a fascinating and enthralling track which admits an clever association between a classy restful glitch ambient with acoustic guitar timbres and tranced-out pulsating electronic obliteration. the last piece offers a complex electro ethno-jazzy ambience with the use of an important array of percussive parts, meticulous electronic scintillations, impressive bass sequences with lot of dynamics into the mix. me raabenstein shows once again the possibility and ability of his sound-art with a vast panel of chilled-out sonic ambiences. strong recommendation that will ravish fans of previous nonine recordings as well as listeners of cybernetic-braindance ambient electronica.

philippe blache, igloomagazine, usa 10/13

'ooseaar' was voted classic track of 2013 on an taobh tuathail radio, ireland.
cian o ciobhain, an taobh tuathail radio, ireland 10/01/14

lagerfeltz is gorgeous, sheer bliss, musical freestyle as i like it. all tracks are goooood ! full support !!!
michael reinboth, compost records, germany 10/13

delicious and deep. nonine has collected some fine people. well done ...
david weinstein, art on air, usa 09/13

such a great work, indeed !!!
nuno loureiro, cision, portugal 09/13

nur drei stücke ??? hatte richtig spaß beim zuhören, die tracks sind aufregend und schön zugleich... war schon etwas enttäuscht, als es plötzlich vorbei war...
ima johnen,, berlin 09/13

cuam electronica and cinematic drama, dark is the new ep - enjoyed this new one from lagerfeltz, i missed hearing nonine lately i remembered as i was listening to 'xaar' my favorite tracks being  'uitaar' and 'ooseaar', will debut one on the show tomorrow night...
kerem gokmen, dubmission radio show, usa 09/13

gefällt mir gut ! ist auf jeden fall für meine 'headz' radioshow relevant und plane ich für die nächste ausgabe im oktober ein...
dr. best, radio z, germany 09/13

lecker !!!
andreas neubauer, einsnulleins, berlin 09/13

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