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non042. sqaramouche. belly love pt. 1-3

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non042. sqaramouche. belly love pt. 1-3

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artist: sqaramouche

title: belly love
 pt. 1-3 non042
format: digital artist ep

release date: june 28, 2013

distributed by nonine recordings


belly love pt. 1
belly love pt. 2
belly love pt. 3

all tracks written by geer mussert and me raabenstein.
produced and mixed by me raabenstein.
mastered by ju bartholomäus, berlin.
artwork by  

say there is nothing as exciting as enthusiastic clapping.

take this and think of the most alluring part of mature male - the belly - voilà !!!

sqaramouche aka geer mussert and me raabenstein are presenting a three parted experience in belly clapping, not that there aren’t better things to do, anyway, ‘belly love pt. 1-3’ comes to you with a rich cocktail of south american flavours, aware electronica and the sheer joy of exposing basic summer feelings. the two musicians and producers found more than delightful support by the keyboard shaman volker meitz and saxophone maestro helmut neugebauer to shape a musical masterpiece in forward thinking. berlin - rotterdam - vienna is where this air has its origin, but we are more than assured that these three gems will not only be spinned inbetween this triangle...


enjoy the melody ! - berlin based record label nonine’s sign off to a pr email that i was forwarded. ironic really, considering that sqaramouche's new release, 'belly love', contained within said email, is largely an experiment in percussion;  the three tracks—'belly love pt 1', 'belly love pt 2', 'belly love pt 3'—which constitute the release, build up, take apart, modify, then re-build various rhythmic edifices. over this ever-shifting backdrop a menagerie of weird and wonderful loops sporadically fade in and out. however rather than performing a conventional melodic function, a process dependent upon progression as well as repetition, most of these loops, which usually last only one or two bars and which are often rhythmically complex, add more to the tracks’ beats than anything else—even in those places where conventional drums are absent, loops are used to perpetuate the rhythm.

to make the thing listenable, there are of course longer patterns—bass lines, chord progressions, struck bells, even an iridescent splash of saxophone (courtesy of helmut neugebauer) but these always appear as flavourings rather than important structural devices: the ep’s essence lies in its rhythmic pulsations more than anything else; a series of dark, twisted sambas (there’s even an electronic whistle).
sqaramouche have fused jazz and latin’s primal feel with the dark, oppressive atmosphere of contemporary self-conscious electronica. the jungle and the city collide, and it makes a surprisingly good noise.
pete marshall, igloo magazine, usa 06/13

lovely stuff... from the interesting berlin based label nonine... check it out !!!
james barrie, audio texture radio show, spain 06/13

es fällt schwer sich hier auf einen favoriten festzulegen... alle drei tracks gefallen !!!
sven thomschke, radio z, germany 06/13

always a good day when new sounds from nonine show up in my inbox. three beauties here from sqaramouche, I really like all of them, especially how good they each get after the halfway point of each one.
kerem gokmen, dubmission radio show, usa 05/13

vielen dank, spiel ich in meiner radioshow !
ric colair,, germany 05/13

gefällt. spiele ich in den nächsten zwei wochen :-)
jan kage,, germany 05/13

cool !!!
stephan steigleder, universal music, germany 05/13

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