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non039. slowcream. music for radio

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non039. slowcream. music for radio

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artist: slowcream
title: music for radio non039
format: digital artist album
release date: january 28, 2013
distributed by nonine recordings


01 music for radio

track written, performed, produced and mastered by me raabenstein.
art work by           

the term 'radio' became common by the time of the first commercial broadcasts in the united states in the 1920's. originally called 'wireless telegraphy', radio is the wireless transmission of signals through free space, in other words, television, radar, mobile phones and satellite navigation are based on this technology.

the development from a laboratory demonstration to a commercial entity spanned several decades and required the efforts of many practitioners. in 1878, david e. hughes noticed that sparks could be heard in a telephone receiver when experimenting with his carbon microphone. five years later, serbian-american inventor nikola tesla made devices for his experiments with electricity, describing and demonstrating the principles of his wireless work. the descriptions contained all the elements that were later incorporated into radio systems.

from 1986 on nikola tesla formed several companies, inventing induction and ac motors, wireless power transmission, remote radio control and investigated with x-rays. in 1899 he proved that the earth was a conductor, producing artificial lightning with discharges consisting of millions of volts and up to 135 feet long. thunder from the released energy was heard 15 miles away, people walking along the street observed sparks jumping between their feet, butterflies were swirling in circles with blue halos around their wings. that same year tesla observed unusual signals from his receiver, which he later believed were extraterrestrial radio waves coming from mars...

the list of tesla's forward-looking ideas is long, oscillators, biplanes, laser weapons made people say tesla is a dreamer, a mad professor. 'music for radio' by slowcream is a homage to this ingenious wizard, who died penniless and in debt in 1943.

a one-hour special edition of this 'music for radio' was produced for art on air radio, clocktower gallery, nyc.


once again, a nice surprise...
david weinstein, program director, art on air radio station, nyc 02/13

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