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non038. slowcream. music for paintings - francis bacon

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non038. slowcream. music for paintings - francis bacon

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artist: slowcream
title: music for paintings - francis bacon non038
format: digital artist album
release date: december 24, 2012
distributed by nonine recordings


01 francis bacon - part 01
02 francis bacon - part 02
03 francis bacon - part 03

all tracks written, performed, produced and mastered by me raabenstein.
art work by           

‘great art is always a way of concentration, reinventing what is called fact, what we know of our existence – a reconcentration’ - francis bacon, in an interview, 1973.

slowcream’s fifth studio album attends to the work of one of the most enigmatic ambassadors of modern art - francis bacon; the 20th century’s most intriguing lord of the ‘violence oft he real’, the painter of ‘despairing optimism’ and ‘exhilarated despair’. having a painter’s background himself, slowcream aka me raabenstein was shaken by the masters sheer potency, inspired by the work in his early twenties on. his released response to this can be heard on the three-track album ‘music for paintings – francis bacon’.

with bacon, says french ethnographer michel leiris, we are always dealing with a work ‘that is all the more sensitive and alive for having developed in the manner of an organism whose – always problematic – maturation was accomplished under threat from countless accidents’. through manipulation, through the reaction of marks made by hand to the whole seen by the eye, the ‘accidental’ is made visual or embraced as part of the painting process. in this way, ‘chance itself may become no more than a collission of creative impulses’, as friedrich nietzsche put it. a lot of big-mouthed quotes you might say, what does this have to do with this album? slowcream adapted bacon’s working method, analysing methods of repeatedly stretching, mirroring, delaying and reversing basic sonic textures. the applied result comprises three 33.33 minute distorted ambient tracks, playfully citing bacon’s favored art format, the triptych.

accident, instinct, sensation, the unconscious. these concepts were central to bacon’s thinking. according to slowcream ‘the album is an essay that employs countless unscheduled computed accidents and most satisfying moments of complete thoughtlessness’. listen to the album with eyes shut in one go, and you will see and feel the nature of bacon’s art,
even if you have never even seen this work before.


specialized in playful music experimentations and conceptually innovative / melodiously cinematic ambient minimalism, nonine figures among the finest references in the world of digitalized releases entirely devoted contemporary electronic music. months ago i firstly discovered and reviewed two electronically complex digital releases coming from nonine including rael’s 'frame 4-6' ep and alpha bubbah’s 'undo undone'. this new extended player by slowcream (aka me raabenstein) and entitled 'music for paintings – francis bacon' is another stylistically original and breathy timbral music universe that goes beyond any formalistic approach in electronic music experimentalism.

'music for paintings – francis bacon' offers a conceptual framework which puts the light on the phenomenon of discursive / symbolical interactions between movement-colored forms and sound structures. the concept is relying mostly on modern painting and especially to francis bacon’s emblematic aesthetic ideals. in itself and to follow this leading statement, the music of slowcream luminously puts the emphasis on subtly moving droning sequences which liberate pronounced repetitive figures. the soundscaping amorphous qualities of this lp reveal an astonishing combination between the essence of a 'sound-color' and the ascetic properties of listening. the whole content is incredibly spacious, consonant, made of abstract electronic pieces which consist of endlessly magnetic droning chords, admitting micro-fluctuations and profoundly contemplative tonal properties which evoke the ecstatic grandeur of eternity. repetition, staticity and sound morphology are the vital elements identified in those enveloping visionary ambient excursions.

a magnificent mix between minimalist droning 'vertical' aesthetism and macrosonic spectrality. this one will ravish fans of tranced-out 'binaural' tonal clusters by coil (ref. time machines), alvin lucier’s 'music on a long thin wire', jacob kirkegaard’s '4 rooms' and andrew chalk’s 'east of the sun'.

philippe blache, igloo magazine, usa 01/13

... das ist ziemlich gut !!!
lars brinkmann, germany 02/12

... bei so vielen gedanken und emotionen, die das album in mir hervorruft, kann man nur sagen, dass es gut ist...
ima johnen,, germany 02/12

... was für ein "christkind" ! da hat slowcream einen meiner lieblingskünstler erwischt… der mann, der nie aufräumte... ich werde mir einen der zahllosen bacon bände aus dem regal holen und die musik dazu anwerfen…
harry lachner, ard nachtsession, germany 11/12

nice !!!
byron chris, felt collective, greece 12/12

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