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non037. sieg der liebe. abermals

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non037. sieg der liebe. abermals

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artist: sieg der liebe
title: abermals non037
format: digital artist album
release date: november 06, 2012
distributed by nonine recordings


01 alter
02 haufen
03 mama
04 schwester
05 hunger
06 loch
07 horch
08 mond
09 nacht
10 kleines
11 hund
12 hund (alternative version)
13 mars
14 aus

all tracks written and performed and produced by andreas koslik (music) and me raabenstein (lyrics), 1997,
produced and digitally re-mastered by andreas koslik, 2012.
art work by           

‘abermals’ by sieg der liebe was basically written and recorded in 1997 by andreas koslik and me raabenstein. you may wonder why this record had never been officially released - well, a clever answer would be ‘good things take their time’ - however, this only indicates half the truth. this very special combination of spoken word and music did not quite fit the contemporary taste of those days. let’s simply say it was ahead of its time for several reasons...

back then, german language was largely used in the hip hop genre but not in this poetic recitation form, and - talking about genres - the compositions on this album embraced a wide spectrum of diverse styles, r’n’b, hip hop, jazz, reggae, electronica, classical instrumentation and crackling experimental parts, very infrequent and different in the late nineties.  listening to the album fifteen years after its actual production ‘abermals’ exudes a fresh and timeless quality, slightly reworked and digitally remastered for your aural delight.


ich stell die platte morgen in meiner sendung vor...
sebastian hampf, 'the good nightz' radio show,, germany 10/12

you know I have a soft spot for pretty much all nonine releases, and this album justifies those feelings, will debut it on the show this weekend...
kerem gokmen, dubmission radio show, usa 10/12

... zwar haben ein paar der lieder aufgrund des textes bei mir persönlich ... spuren hinterlassen ABER das ist ja auch einer der punkte, die GUTE kunst durchaus ausmachen sollte; spalten. dieses album ist wirklich herausstechend und hat schon deshalb gehör verdient, sehr gut !!!
tim thaler,, berlin 10/12

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