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non036. rael. frame 4-6 (digital artist ep)

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non036. rael. frame 4-6 (digital artist ep)

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artist: rael
title: frame 4-6 non036
format: digital artist ep
release date: october 12, 2012
distributed by nonine recordings


01 drunk baby walk
02 mandrake black case
03 dolphins at home

all tracks written by david minor and me raabenstein.
produced and mixed by me raabenstein.
mastered by shapemod, berlin.

it took almost two years to release the second of rael’s three ep series, you might say? rael’s music is not only designed with patience, it is also needless to drown the saturated music market with one idea only, in far too much variations - david minor and me raabenstein take their time to deliver fresh blood. having produced and released several solo projects since
then, the three tracks on ‘frame 4-6’ play in the wide and exciting field between the pure abusiveness of au courant electronic music production and diminutive moments lost in thought.
although nobody needs new and misplaced genre types, we simply call this post-cinematic.
your choice...


widely specialized in hyper-minimalist-pulsating poptronica and polymorphic post-modern synth excursions, nonine recordings is progressively making a name to become an obvious reference in the production of unusual electronic music. offered by this berlin based label, rael’s ‚frame 4-6’ is a super tripped out, mysterious abstract playful electronic release. this second release from rael is taking post-structural electronic music to a higher level thanks to the combination of really atypical sound textures and melodic techniques. a serious cross between space music, cinematic retro-ish synthedelica grooves and discreet dubsteping sonic ambiences.

“drunk baby walk” offers a catchy coalition between lo-fi moody electronic heaviness and totally hypno-ish techno vibes for loops, constantly dynamic and moving rhythmical bass lines and bizarre conversations with surreal sounds, treated voices. “mandrake black case” delivers a gorgeously pulsating and enthralling electronic soundtracky ambience which reminds some wonderfully classic spooky scores of goblin, fabio frizzi (…) but also machine-music pieces from brassica, heinrich dressel at their most cinematic moments. “dolphins at home follows” a rather similar schema with handful of creeped-out synthesized textures, smashing-syncopated-electronic pulses and frenzy sound figures. ‚frame 4-6’ is an engaging and explosive ep which releases an orchestrated stylistic fusion between chilling-scary cinematic synth ambiences and swirling hypnotic techno inflected minimalism. it deserves a serious listening.

philippe blanche, igloomagazine, usa 11/09

ooh yes, liking this release a lot 'mandrake black case' and especially 'dolphins at home' are right up my street - straight into the show, good work :)
james barrie, audiotexture radio show, spain 09/12

really good work!! congrats!
enrique domenech, ex-fusionova021records radioshow, spain 09/12

i'll give it a spin tonight! thanks...
pepijn caudron, kreng, belgium 09/12

mein favorit ist 'drunk baby walk'...
sven thomschke, radio z, nürnberg, germany 09/12

dig the new tracks. as far the title goes my favorite is 'drunk baby walk', of course; sound wise though my favorite is 'mandrake black case', though i'll play all three on the show still...
kerem gokmen, dubmission radio show, usa 09/12

lebendige musik, werde ich gerne auflegen...
oliver tepel, köln, germany 09/12

disruptive head cinema !!!
frank spiewack, new-zealand 09/12

this got style. das rael projekt ist wirklich toll, da dreht sich so viel um zurückhaltung, auslassung und unerfülltes...
ben mertens, kassel, germany 09/12

schöne tracks...
ingmar koch, liquid sky berlin, germany 09/12

i love all the tracks, it's hard to pick which one i like the best, but if i'd have to pick? i'd say 'dolphins at home' is my fav...
slikkz aka drew, toronto 09/12

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