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as you close your eyes and ponder the pictures that are being painted in your head with each word, you realize that as soon as one has come to light, full with color within your senses, another brush stroke is on its way from tshaka spoken word artist and griot reincarnate. tshaka menelik imhotep campbell is his full name. however, he likes to be known as simply a "tarman celebrating his natural kink".

he has been known to conjure the power of nyamah (energy of words), as did his ancestors before him. as a reincarnated west african griot, he attests to the importance of oral traditions. the need to pass on stories, history, thoughts and passion, through the art of written and spoken word. tshaka describes himself - 'imagery is what poetry is about for me, i feel the need to paint a picture for the listener, reader or audience and take them on a journey; have them experience the place or situation that i am writing/performing about. i want them to go home and write afterwards, kiss their momma, or hug their baby, kick their roommate, slap their landlord or long as it invokes emotion action/reaction afterwards.'

originally from england, tshaka moved to the united states at the ripe old age of ten. raised on his father's teachings of solidarity and brought up on the teachings of greats from garvey pan-africanism to william churchill, he adopted his father's intense love of language. tshaka moved back to england in 2009.

the ep 'them' will be released on nonine recordings.



non047 tshaka. them non041. me raabenstein. swimmin' with friends again non028. tshaka. we (digital artist ep)

taken from the tshaka ep 'we'

released on nonine recordings in 2010

(original version)


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