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me raabenstein

having a filmmaker's and painter's background, me raabenstein investigates in overlapping structures and the lamination of inappropiate ingredients. constituted with impatience and intrusiveness the process of producing asks for constant conversion and unsung modus operandi.
the unconsciousness is often recalled as a perfect working method of artists from this genre, materialising and structuring voids to be freed and filled with advanced and cutting edged content. analysing different layers of proceeding structures, me guides his musical textures towards an adulteration of unaccustomed sonances, cluttering cacophanys and rhytmic paragon.

the album 'language is a spy' is released on nonine recordings in autumn 2015.



me raabenstein


non048 me raabenstein. language is a spy non041. me raabenstein. swimmin' with friends again non034. me raabenstein. all these precious non033. me raabenstein. r non029. nine (digital label compilation) non023. the silent amps (digital label compilation) non020. me raabenstein. raabenstein_esk (digital artist album) non017. me raabenstein. sniper's delight (digital ep) non014. me raabenstein. the whip (digital ep) non010. what the butcher recommends might well not be of our concern... (digital label compilation) non007. mies in berlin (cd) non006. me raabenstein. swimmin' with friends (cd) non001. fragments on the theory and practise of... nonine (cd)

taken from the me raabenstein album 'language is a spy'

released on nonine recordings

(original edit - compressed version)


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