nonine recordings

david minor

born on the fictional shores of california, educated in the p.a.c.t. conservatory of san francisco and lightly polished in the joffrey ballet school of new york.

after traveling and living in many cities and indulging his quixotic occupations he now resides in berlin, where he mixes the mediums of dance, linguistics and music with his pelagic trained voice. a long time apostle to many of the arts you can hear the interbreeding of each mediums influence in his electro/acoustic music. music, which lingers somewhere in the realm of moseying colors on holiday, melancholic vaudevillian cellars and the electronic baby of simon & garfunkel.

his many (some un-accounted for) music projects
act to cultivate and muse the many heart-knit sounds
and emotions arising out of the newly constructed
foundations of music and sedimental concepts.

david minor


non041. me raabenstein. swimmin' with friends again non036. rael. frame 4-6 (digital artist ep) non033. me raabenstein. r non032. david minor. farce non030. david minor. lush (digital artist album) non029. nine (digital label compilation) non027. rael. frame1-3 (digital artist ep) non023. the silent amps (digital label compilation) non022. david minor. sparse (digital artist album)

taken from the david minor album 'lush'

released on nonine recordings in 2011

(original version)


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