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non002. the!she. burgundy (cd)

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non002. the!she. burgundy (cd)

title: burgundy non002
format: cd
release date: 02/2002
distributed by: pp sales, hamburg

01 elves & almonds
02 stain wellington (vocals by laura braun)
03 april malign (vocals by twana rhodes)
04 beaumanor hall (written & produced by me raabenstein & bob nagel)
05 rattling rowlph (lyrics and vocals by donovan spreck)
06 the crawler‘s cream (co.produced by the5%er, mixed by andreas koslik)
07 doom dragoon (written & produced by me raabenstein & andreas koslik, guitars by andreas koslik)
08 fetid freudian (written & produced by me raabenstein & bob nagel)
09 dickey dicer‘s (lyrics by me raabenstein, spoken words by oliver remme)
10 zymotic fools
11 ode to a mole (lyrics and vocals by laura braun)
12 all in a byrd‘s night
13 mantra (written & produced by twana rhodes, andreas weiser & me raabenstein)
14 ultramarine taboo
15 more pauper (spoken words by maxi jahn)
16 reflections in prognosis
17 deluded seducer (spoken words by ozone, backing vocals by laura braun, guitars by andreas koslik)
18 01
19 tinker‘s underworld

all tracks written & produced by me raabenstein except tracks no. 04, 07, 08, 13

after various projects and releases with pauls musique recordings and his own label no.nine recordings the berlin producer me raabenstein introduces his solo project the!she with burgundy

the slow, down tempo pieces, float between headz and nujazz, occasionally tickling the dance nerve. interwoven score-elements and vocal passages create a colourful atmosphere and soft, deep poetry.

earlier companions co-produced some tracks or appear as guest musicians adding their flavour, polishing the recording to its round, warm colour: burgundy

the 12 “ with remixes from this album will be released in april 2002.

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