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non014. me raabenstein. the whip (digital ep)

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non014. me raabenstein. the whip (digital ep)
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artist: me raabenstein
title: the whip
cat. no. non014
release date: july 07, 2008
distributed by nonine recordings
01 woof decent burial
02 times a bitch
03 gruff and cocksure
04 nothing such
05 the whip

all tracks written and produced by me raabenstein
mixed by me raabenstein, mastered by shapemod, berlin

the whip is the perfect remedy for writers block and just as affective against the irrepressible venim of usurped popular music. it commences its beautiful melodic painting with a detailed, vivid bounce, cultivating itself and the listener through a five track stream of self-referential, yummy, tutelage, then ripening into a rare breed of music dwelling ever so fluently somewhere between the worlds of champagne, candied violet and experimental electronica.

you will be more than contented with the gifts from an ep with such versatile substance. wIth it’s melodic fragmenting bounces and indispensable caramelized accents, you‘ll hear that the whip is offering more meaning to the messages of genres like electronica and (whatsoever) hop.

the rich, cunning treasures of “nothing such”s golden legato shards are discreetly dished out, happily disarming the listeners usual fatigued expectations for another electronica work. it‘s well produced chemistry will shine by day and flame by night. at the end your thoughts will melt into the margins of the last track “the whip” like a days sugar into the suffusing color of night... and one will see that this brew is forming a place in the music world as its very own new adjective.
(as with “gruff and cocksure”, to be ingested again later...)

years of useless pharmisutical companies will soon bewail they‘re dropping stocks, as most doctors will soon be prescribing this ep as a one and only, silky, cure-all, a.k.a.“ep-pill“ re-shapen with melodic treats, creamy textures and epoch-making beats...

liner notes by david ennio minor

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