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non012. slowcream. live long and prosper (digital artist album)

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non012. slowcream. live long and prosper (digital artist album)

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artist: slowcream
title: live long and prosper
cat. no. non012
release date: july 07, 2008
distributed by nonine recordingss

01 nob
02 coop switch
03 suburb novel
04 dylan for a day
05 shadow meat                         
06 twilight roam
07 live long and prosper
08 cream master
09 wife’s tales
10 bound dog time
11 deep freeze

all tracks written, produced and mixed by me raabenstein
vocals on suburb novel by major major, mastered by shapemod, berlin

the connection between classical and minimal-electro is saturated with spaces of re-definition. slowcream smears the frames of classical music with a funky delicious fringe, polarizing certain fragments of its best qualities, allowing it to be re-admired, by this re-discriminating the sounds of music into new categories. when heard, once undistinguishable qualities appear, giving sight to pleasures which would otherwise perish un-observed over the course of music’s advancements...

within this album slowcream seeks to continue an epic of music. bringing a sound and quality all its own, while a new tale is ignited. slowcream is a modern day extension on the potential’s of classics soul. electronic touches on the finer details which conventional instruments are unable to produce on they’re own. reminding the music world that computer’s too, in the right hands are indeed another instrument. slowcream’s impedes is advancing on the passions of bach and stravynsky themselves, humbly cultivating that which oodles of composers alike, would they themselves perhaps utilize were they alive and funky today.

the pieces remind of the belief that our much beloved classical genius’s would see the endless soul touching potential’s of electronic music. for a time we’ve lived to guess-create the spaces between our selves, which so admire what they have done and that which we’d hope they would do today, or even what they could have been imagining. this album is both a creation of its own fine elements, giving light to uncharted territory, but also a glimpse in the past and thirdly a tribute to music’s incandescent future.

liner notes by david ennio minor

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