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non011. sqaramouche. first raw (digital artist album)

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non011. sqaramouche. first raw (digital artist album)

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artist: sqaramouche
title: first raw
cat. no. non011
format: digital artist album
release date: march 25, 2008
distributed by nonine recordings

nominee for the german record critics' award 2009

01 saucy rhodenbarr 
02 cincinnatti phoenix (featuring colonel red)
03 give some get some
04 cat baloo
05 suck the monkey (featuring festa)
06 white insidious milk
07 clean the pipe
08 avana lub
09 bare chalet row
10 the butcher (featuring major major)
11 saturday sigh (featuring laura braun)

all tracks written and produced by sqaramouche
mixed by me raabenstein, mastered by stefan betke at scape mastering

sqaramouche are

cone, programming, live drums, keyboards
subsequent, programming and balooisms
me raabenstein, programming and keyboards

guest musicians
laura braun, vocals on track 11
colonel red, vocals on track 02
festa, vocals on track 05
major major, vocals on track 10
volker meitz, keyboards on track 04, 05 & 07
dirk leupolz, guitars on track 06
jazzheadchronic, programming on track 01 & 08

hip hop is not dead. it has transcended itself, infusing with its long desired cousins. the potentials of hip hop, minimal, dub-samba-coustics and an endless array of unclassifiable styles have been begging at each other‘s door steps since the very beginning of their creation. finally somebody brings the family together. like romeo and juliet, the threads of different worlds interweave with one another to fall into endless love, but without the tragedy...

the album is a bridge that, seemingly by happen stance, is perfectly shaped to charm those once unaware of these styles‘ capacities; to lead them into its knowingness. fusion with a timeless quality, attracting (music) lovers of every age and genre.

it contains what we‘ve all been seeking between the empty spaces of our other favorite albums. each listen offers a new meaning to carry away in day dreams. sounds before their time. it hits deep and from unknown directions, with so many things tenderly packed into it which nobody else uses, which you can cry, chill or move to.

cat baloo serenades your soul into the belief that it‘s another. saturday sigh hits your head like the raindrops of a thousand poets. the ethereal voice of laura braun will haunt your hours. it is matched by sqaramouche‘s textured breaths that leave us humbled and dumbfounded, redefining what we know as hip hop and its tributaries.

this must be a musical compilation of aliens. the producers and each artist featured on this album carry their own unmatched uniqueness, not of this world. a cadence of the future...

liner notes by david minor

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