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non001. fragments on the theory and practise of... nonine (cd)

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non001. fragments on the theory and practise of... nonine (cd)

artist: diverse
title: fragments on the theory and practise of... nonine non001
format: cd
release date: 11/2001

tracklist 01 kreidler. circles (taken from the album “kreidler”)
02 a certain frank. nothing (taken from the cd “nothing”)
03 plaid. manyme (taken from the album “double figure”)
04 bartholomäus & raabenstein. sunnyside mallet souls for sale (taken from the 12” “guten abend, guten nacht”)
05 cafu. but me (previously unreleased)
06 binärcode. chopf oder zahl (jurczok1001 & dario de nicola. free form arkestra).
07 red snapper. they are hanging me tonight (taken from the album “our aim is to satisfy”)
08 leupolz & raabenstein. aldrych‘s last secret(taken from the 12” “guten morgen, guten abend”)
09 zero7. red dust(taken from the album „simple things“)
10 the!she. stain wellington (previously unreleased)
11 marienbad. jaru senzzes d‘%r (previously unreleased)
12 cafu.  with love from philly (previously unreleased)
13 the!she. the crawlers cream (previously unreleased)
14 bartholomäus & raabenstein. a night out with nel foltz (taken from the 12” guten abend, gute nacht”)
15 sporto kantes. mundo    (taken from the album „act. 1“)
16 marienbad. 808lop nacktchair (previously unreleased)
17 eidinger vs. spinach supreme. intimidating gift (previously unreleased)
18 eidinger. sad organ (the!she orange mould mix) (previously unreleased)

compiled by me raabenstein

“fragments….” is the first release of no.nine recordings in berlin, a division of pauls musique recordings, stuttgart. the compilation is homogeneous and coherent, despite its combining of the most varied styles: the term "electronica" is taken to extremes, goes from triphop to hiphop, meets experimental pop, and takes its own route that in its transparency guides the listener through diverse tonal adventures. this assembling of selected elements into a series, the threading of pearls on a string forms the title of the compilation: "fragments on the theory and practice of ... no.nine."

no.nine initiator me raabenstein, who has published vinyl singles on pauls musique recordings with the berlin producers ju bartholomäus and dirk leupolz, introduces artists of his own label like eidinger, cafu, the!she and marienbad. to complement their pieces he chose groups tracks from already better known artists such as zero 7, plaid, red snapper and a certain frank. these "references" are statements within which the musical ideas of no.nine recordings and the artists connected with the label can be defined and explained.

among the highlights on "fragments….." that come from the no.nine surroundings are certainly “a night out with nel foltz” by bartholomäus & raabenstein and marienbad's "jaru senzzes d‘%r".

no.nine recordings was founded in berlin 2000 by communication and interactive media designer martin grether and sound designer and audio producer me raabenstein. their mutual affinity for electronic sounds in their most varied forms, was the main impetus for the two label makers to join forces. while martin grether is mainly responsible for the artwork of the label, raabenstein's creative responsibility lies in the a&r field. moreover, his in-house studio productions form the nucleus of the label. above all the cooperation with other artists such as cafu and lars eidinger enriches their musical experiments, contributes to a strong label identity and will provide for high-quality and remarkable releases also in the future.


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