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non006. me raabenstein. swimmin' with friends (cd)

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non006. me raabenstein. swimmin' with friends (cd)

artist: diverse
title: swimmin’ with friends non006
format: cd
release date: 11/2002
distributed by: pp sales, hamburg

01 o,wu. raven
02 marienbad. ay mainers stam
03 the!she. jude the obscure
04 me & mrs. bee. sleep
05 nagel & raabenstein. le silencieux
06 decent dogs. family affair
07 me & mrs. bee. the ...monger
08 balduin. choose cheese (phatfred & raabenstein remix)
09 the!she. sweet donnel hill
10 oui.rouge. laissé pour compte
11 sieg der liebe. tweed & dry
12 strauss & raabenstein. cariad gwrid blush
13 marienbad. lex pipin slow crea_tz (me raabenstein remix)
14 phatfred & raabenstein. mmh
15 void moon. no
16 oui.rouge. le divin
17 the!she. the crawler’s cream (fellmann & louise remix)
18 the!she. feat. stonerock vs. major major. meg

just in time for the approaching cold season, with the leaves falling, the foggy days and the gloomy souls longing for mild summer evenings, me raabenstein presents the 6th release of no.nine: swimming with friends.

18 tracks of his own, all certain reason and excuse to spend the coming chilly days and evenings at home listening to good music. alone or with friends – either way a definite to pass time more than comfortably.

non006 is multifunctional, also in clubs the appropriate music for the well matched setting….. eclectic beats, sound-collages, driving bass strings, ingenious vocals intermingling the mood of each and every number - all wrapped in this small silver disc.

01... o, wu.raven- concealing a rough, swinging driving beat. complemented by bass string altering between wide and funky grooves, underlined by percussion samples and the exciting chinese voice of xiao kaiyu.

02... marienbad. ay mainers stam – continues the same spirit, the beat now more linear tempts us to swing along. the breaks add tension and the vocals mystery – the synthesizer in the middle of the track feels like a pool of relaxation, before the beat has you going again.

03... the!she. jude the obscure – broken beat with electric, tango like flair, that allows the loosened muscles to relax for a while.

04... me & mrs. bee. sleep – after two extremely grooving tracks and a small “cooler” things get sexy here: enchanting vocals and a continuously addictive rhythm.

05... nagel & raabenstein. le silencieux – explicit `rebirth´ sound, counteracted by the guitar of oliver remme, washing away the seemingly cold groove and creating a relaxed atmosphere

06... decent dogs. family affair – a tension filled track, urging the listener to detailed attention, tightened by the marvellous voice of major major.

07... me & mrs. bee. the …monger – a rather minimalist piece, the beautiful voice of laura braun talks about the monger, the tradesman selling you every wish, but beware of the price. the cleverly used string music enhances that flair.

08... balduin. choose cheese (phat fred und raabenstein rmx) - a remix with rare groove specialist phat fred. the broken beat of the first minutes turns to a straight 4x4/breakbeat. the skilfully integrated guitar adds harmony to the driving beat.

09... the!she. sweet donnel hill – again characteristic broken driving beats and a vocal-sample reminiscent of hitchcocks “psycho”: `norman, are you at home?´, the perfect chill out after your party.

10... oui. rouge. laisse pour compte – a playful electro-cha cha cha, bringing equilibrium and poise to the minds in turmoil.

11... sieg der liebe. tweed & dry – a dreamily peaceful guitar track with minimal vocal parts and harmony abound.

12... strauss & raabenstein. cariad gwrid blush – embedded in e-piano and intertwined in the spherical sounds of a vocoder voice, the bells are ringing but don´t be afraid the “deutsche mann is everywhere”

13... marienbad. lex pipin slow crea tz (me raabenstein remix) - funky electro remix of the hidden track of the “fragments” compilation with george clinton basses and a dark atmosphere.

14... phatfred & raabenstein. mmh – again rare groover phat fred at work now with afro-vocal samples forcing every ethno-floor into a sweat with rectangular grooves.

15... void moon. no. – track mixed with percussion samples and two step beat, spiced with the glorious voice of sophie thomas and skilfully used breaks. again a tune that will quickly refill a slowly deteriorating dance floor – keep movin´!

16... oui. rouge. le divin – french promenade through the world of laissez faire sound composing, spiked with trip hop elements.

17... the!she. the crawler’s cream (fellman & louise remix) – a classic by now, the remix of fellmann & louise, already known from the 12“ `the!she: indigo remixes´ has excited many djs and got dance floor crowds shaking vigorously. with driving percussions, the bass strings of the original and the wonderful synchronization an absolut must for this compilation.

18... the!she. feat. stonerock vs. major major – roots reggae based finale, praising meg ryan (cynically) and the approaching summer with great ferve. a tune that will stay in my favourite disc collection for the next months, bringing hot panache to the dance floor in a oh so cold season…..

a very becoming end for such a diverse cd!

liner notes by herbert bachhofer / shantisan (salted soul), vienna


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