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taub is a collaboration between edinburgh based harold nono and me raabenstein.
melodies are written, performed and recorded. these are then tampered with, broken - pulled apart. disruption and chance elements are allowed to encroach and shape the work. these elements in turn - and in time - subside. the melodies return - but in fragmentary form, reassembled - hinting at different routes - and possibilities… harold nono and me raabenstein (both from similar backgrounds in art) discovered each others work via internet (myspace in particular) and found they shared similar tastes and sensibilities in music; and the way they go about producing their music.

the album 'bedtime stories' is released on nonine recordings.

the second taub album 'the wrong path' is released on harold nono's label bearsuit records.






non016. taub. bedtime stories (digital artist album) non010. what the butcher recommends might well not be of our concern... (digital label compilation)

taken from the taub album 'bedtime stories'

released on nonine recordings in 2008

(2011 16:9 version)


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